Employers, loyalty is not to be demanded but earned!

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Feel free to call me by my last name as I do the same, at least until the moment we both come to the conclusion there is no need for that any more, since showing respect for someone’s integrity has nothing to do with their job title, level of education or age. Therefore, we call each other by our last names for the time being.

For the sake of work, it is necessary to talk about everything, but in a civilised manner. You’d better leave your raised tone of voice for your family or yourself. You may tell me everything, but not anything. This worker requires respect, not because he is brash but because he is a Human.

If you expect me to come to work on time, you might as well expect me to leave work when I am supposed to. My minute lasts 60 seconds, just like yours, so it is no less valuable. Should you want me to work overtime, that is to be paid extra. In legal tender. Praises, shoulder patting and expressing your satisfaction do not pay monthly bills.

If I fulfil my obligations on time, I also expect to get my salary on time. That money is earned through my endeavour, or to put it more briefly – it is mine. Without my prior consent, you have no permission to keep it after the payday, because I gave you no permission to borrow it from me. If I am not late for work, I do not want my salary to be late.

If I am not registered and if I work illegally, be sure that you will also be reported for working illegally. That you do not find it financially viable to work legally in some country or other is absolutely no concern of mine. Then you should have put a plastic cover over some tomatoes and busied yourself transplanting them, instead of running a business. Every day of my unregistered work for you is one day less of my retirement, the time I could spend walking in serenity and doing absolutely nothing because I deserve it.

If it is ok for you to ask rude questions, be prepared to hear a rude answer. I refuse to answer questions such as ‘’Why aren’t you a fare dodger?’’, I want the money for my transport fare. To the question “Are you planning a family?” there follows the answer ‘’It’s none of your fucking business”. What is your profession, are you a gynaecologist or an employer?! In order to avoid having to ask that idiotic question, next time you should make sure to outline in your job announcement that you are exclusively seeking female workers who have undergone hysterectomy and males who have had vasectomy performed to see what kind of reputation your firm would get.

If you have your own business, you do not own the universe. If there are, as you say, other workers who ‘’can’t wait’’ to get my job, there are also other employers who would wish a worker exactly like me. By your capitalist egoism and disparagement of people making a profit for your firm, you only show what sort of a small-minded business plan your business is based on.

And so it will be until you, as employers, realise that although you are the engine that sets the business in motion, the workers are its fuel and you cannot get anywhere without them. Or not very far in any case. If your goal is only to get that far, feel free to attain it by yourself because self-respecting workers worthy of respect and feeling job satisfaction think further ahead careerwise and align with people who can appreciate it.

Translated from the Serbian by Svetlana Milivojević-Petrović